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The natural way to be in shape

Diaphragmatic breathing Since late childhood, I had the feeling that I was breathing somehow wrong. But how one earth one can breathe wrong, I thought. And then I grew up and learned that from birth babies breathe properly – with diaphragmatic breathing, and then stress after stress they become adults, constrict the abdomen, and begin…

10 ways to feel better

Hardly anyone will disagree that the last few months have been particularly difficult, there’s some irregular chaos in space, and none of the many topics for articles have been finding a response in my heart and, consequently, in the universe. In such periods, it’s difficult to remember how to make yourself feel a little better….

Article 74: postpartum recovery and belly wrapping.

What should the postpartum period look like to benefit?First, ideally, the body should be physically prepared for pregnancy and childbirth, and there are special sets of exercises for such occasions.Postpartum is considered 6-8 weeks, which requires a female body to recover. They are also called the fourth trimester of pregnancy, because the mother with the…

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