Hello, this is a natural parenting personal blog of the Ukrainian turning into something bigger. It began as a thing that I needed, but wasn’t able to find on the web, especially in Ukrainian, when I was on 5th months of completely unexpected pregnancy. Then I had no idea what natural parenting means, and literally knew nothing about pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood as I wasn’t ever going to become a parent and lacked education which had to be there naturally. Here I was and am asking, giving answers, thinking, observing, researching, reading, supporting woman and mother, people and parents, and helping to change minds for good.

My son was born in January’18. We love each other. All my life I was looking for a reference point from which I could start to learn everything. History, I thought, geography, space, philosophy, biology, religion. And now, I’ve finally found: the beginning of a man.

E-mail me: prynadiyi@prynadiyi