Postpartum recovery and belly wrapping

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What should the postpartum period look like to benefit?
First, ideally, the body should be physically prepared for pregnancy and childbirth, and there are special sets of exercises for such occasions.
Postpartum is considered 6-8 weeks, which requires a female body to recover. They are also called the fourth trimester of pregnancy, because the mother with the baby is still inseparable. At this time, mom needs special care and care, she recovers, adjusts hormones, breastfeeding and contact with the baby.

What rules are important to follow?
Eating (at least 2 weeks; even if you remove anyone, this is not a priority right now; but if you help anyone, you should think in advance; in case of caesarean, you should also move as much as possible)
Wear it heavy (If you don’t have a baby, consider a rocking chair, for example)
Eat right (balanced food, vegetables, fruits, seafood, greens, eggs, poultry, Brazil nuts, bone broths, etc; light meals that do not overload the body and do not create trouble for the intestine)
Drink often, but in small portions, say half a glass (drinking half a liter at a time does not contribute to the healing of the tummy)
(Connect (with a scarf, not a pharmacy bandage; learn this in advance; for vaginal births – from 5 days, for caesarean – from 6 weeks, or for feelings (some feel that it is not for them at all, or vice versa) If this is unpleasant – consult a doctor, but make sure he understands the difference between a bandage and a bandage ?)
For vaginal birth – cooled in the freezer gaskets with witch hazel, maximum hygiene (simple water) and ‘ventilation’ crotch; for caesarean – after a shower we lightly blot the scar with a towel and send a stream of cold air from the hair dryer
?If you need to take painkillers and laxatives, have a ready lanolin in case of irritation of the nipples
Start exercises when you feel you can, but in any case – careful, specially selected exercises, not earlier than a month and after the end of the loch
Start a sexual life until you are physically and mentally ready, and if something goes wrong, remember that you can always stop
A month after delivery, you must visit a gynecologist, another great idea to visit an osteopath, and if necessary a psychotherapist

There is still a procedure for post-natal swaddling or wrapping, which restores body and soul, even if it has been a long time since the birth.

More about tying
After childbirth, abdominal pressure decreases, organs are displaced, muscles are weakened, diastasis, hemorrhoids, urinary incontinence, in short, the body needs physical support. Tying is a great job. Why bind, not bandage? Because the bandage compresses the organs and weakens the muscles, while tying them supports, it lifts. Tying helps the uterus to shrink, relieves organ load, picks up a sagging abdomen, improves muscle and ligaments, prevents diastasis and digestive and bowel problems.

It is convenient to use a sling for tying, but any simple fabric that is 2.5-3 m long and 50 cm wide can be used for this purpose, it can even be a diaper or a blanket.

There are different ways of tying, here’s the easiest way: lie on your back, put your fabric on your waist, and so that it covers the lower abdomen, lift your pelvis, cross the fabric behind your back and bring it forward to your belly, tie the knot at the bottom level belly (in a comfortable place) and make sure that it does not press, you can move the knot to a more comfortable place (preferably use a double flat knot); there are two layers of fabric – wide and narrow, tighten them tightly, but do not overtight, should be comfortable, we are not interested in corset retraction, which can even threaten bleeding, namely delicate support; the first layer forms a pocket into which you need to ‘put’ your belly, and the second – supports it so that it does not fall. Here are some more tying options here.

An absolutely charming way to tie up – bunkering – is the traditional Malaysian scarf and way.

And here is the traditional Taiwanese muslin binding.

Kinesiotherapy is a compact replacement for tying, but it’s best to find a good specialist to help with this. Here is a woman demonstrating how to do it on yourself.

With a decent set of exercises to further restore, strengthen and return to the shape of the tummy and the whole body, Gangsta Yoga will gladly help. Here you will finally get back on your feet physically and morally and learn a lot about your own body.

What else

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