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Children’s fears

In my childhood, I had two traumas related to fears and at the same time mistrust. The first one was a purely instinctive fear of swallowing pills, the throat was getting convulsively constricted and that’s it. Mom didn’t believe that I simply couldn’t swallow them and she was getting nervous – I often observe a…

Quiz «What kind of mom are you?»

There are different times, today you are a good mother, tomorrow you are bad, today you used wise advice from a book, tomorrow you forgot to. The truth is that we all make mistakes trying to balance this life, and that’s totally okay.

The natural way to be in shape

Diaphragmatic breathing Since late childhood, I had the feeling that I was breathing somehow wrong. But how one earth one can breathe wrong, I thought. And then I grew up and learned that from birth babies breathe properly – with diaphragmatic breathing, and then stress after stress they become adults, constrict the abdomen, and begin…

How to choose a psychotherapist

How to choose a psychotherapist, my story Restless life.I first decided to see a therapist in 2009, in my early 20s. Who knows at what level this field was in Ukraine at that time (the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists was founded in 1994), but I didn’t know anything about it, and I simply went to…

Best childrens poetry books on the Ukrainian market

Is there any good modern children’s poems on the Ukrainian market that don’t sacrifice rhythm, rhyme or accent? Well-thought stories with good illustrations? Yes! Most of the books in the ranking below are specifically Ukrainian, plus two translations; however, a good translation is also a rarity, an art and a separate work. Here are the…


What is burnout? Initially, in 1974, the term “burnout” was defined as “the extinction of motivation or incentive, especially where one’s devotion to a cause or relationship fails to produce the desired results.” After facing personally, I’d simplify it to the word “devastation”. The battery dies and you are no more able to do anything….

Time-management for moms. Laura Vanderkam

… A day has 24 hours and a week has 168. No matter how cool and wonderful you are, your activity should be limited to this. Laura Vanderkam “I Know How She Does It. How Successful Women Make The Most of Their Time” That’s about how limits also the informativeness of Laura Vanderkam’s book –…

The Ukrainian of a healthy human

I’m always told that I have a complex character. I don’t know whether you noticed, but in Ukraine people usually call so those who have it in general. Ulyana Suprun Aggression is the driving energy and impulse to action.  For some, it results in activities for the benefit of the community and… tears, for others…

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