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ідеальна дружина

Mother’s Little Helpers

However, today I’m in Spain. At the moment, school is here until 2:00 p.m., and now there’s also a long Easter vacation – 12 days. No one pays me for my or babies’ sick leaves and vacations, no one reimburses me for the time spent on the child, nor for the lost personal and professional…

Children’s fears

In my childhood, I had two traumas related to fears and at the same time mistrust. The first one was a purely instinctive fear of swallowing pills, the throat was getting convulsively constricted and that’s it. Mom didn’t believe that I simply couldn’t swallow them and she was getting nervous – I often observe a…

Nursery adaptation 2.0

What to consider when sending a child to nursery, and how to facilitate adaptation. Own experience and opinion of the family psychologist. The other day, during the act of handover to the nursery, my child sat, dangling his legs, gnawing an apple and was watching with interest as other children roared “iwantmom”. This is our…

The natural way to be in shape

Diaphragmatic breathing Since late childhood, I had the feeling that I was breathing somehow wrong. But how one earth one can breathe wrong, I thought. And then I grew up and learned that from birth babies breathe properly – with diaphragmatic breathing, and then stress after stress they become adults, constrict the abdomen, and begin…


What is burnout? Initially, in 1974, the term “burnout” was defined as “the extinction of motivation or incentive, especially where one’s devotion to a cause or relationship fails to produce the desired results.” After facing personally, I’d simplify it to the word “devastation”. The battery dies and you are no more able to do anything….

What you have to know about nurseries

My experience concerns three private nurseries in Sykhiv (area in Lviv, Ukraine) (trial days for two and adaptation in one), the best ones, where my eye, trained by ten years in the field of service, relentlessly collected the details, embroidering a picture of the state of affairs. What to pay attention to when choosing a…

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