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Щастя: Не перфектно, але лаґом

Happiness: Not perfect but lagom

Many of us have heard of concepts like siesta, hygge or hakuna matata. There are many such little concepts of happiness around the world. What will happen if we combine them in one comprehensive collection and then extract the essence? What makes us happy and who knows some little secrets about it? Definition of happiness…

10 ways to feel better

Hardly anyone will disagree that the last few months have been particularly difficult, there’s some irregular chaos in space, and none of the many topics for articles have been finding a response in my heart and, consequently, in the universe. In such periods, it’s difficult to remember how to make yourself feel a little better….

Nonviolent communication

What I want in my life is compassion, a flow between myself and others based on a mutual giving from the heart.Marshall Rosenberg “Nonviolent Communication” Emotional blackmail Once I told one guy that I wanted to break up with him, and he threatened to commit suicide. Surprisingly, my reaction was complete inner peace, and for…

Sun protection

Everything about sun protection. Since most of us don’t work outside these days, it actually takes effort to get daily sun, rather than to avoid it. Wellness Mama To protect yourself from the sun, which gives you vitamin D, in order to fill yourself with vitamin D in pills. To protect yourself from the sun, which…

7 most famous pediatricians on a child’s side

7 famous pediatricians who really changes things. 1. Janusz Korczak (1878/79-1942, Polish Jew) I’m glad that it’s Korczak who heads the list (it’s chronological), as he is a man of a wide range, who wrote a lot and wisely, for children and about children, who dedicated himself to children, created a home for them (orphanage),…

Motherhood, fatherhood, parenthood

At first, I described my blog as the one about ‘parenting’. In Ukrainian the meaning of this word is equal to ‘fatherhood’, and we use the same word for both meanings. Eventually, I realized that I was writing more for and perhaps closer to mothers, and the word ‘fatherhood’ seemed too patriarchal to me, so…

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