10 ways to feel better

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Hardly anyone will disagree that the last few months have been particularly difficult, there’s some irregular chaos in space, and none of the many topics for articles have been finding a response in my heart and, consequently, in the universe. In such periods, it’s difficult to remember how to make yourself feel a little better. So I decided to write about that.

1. Books

Re-read your favorite books, go through your library, sell extra or give books to libraries, shelters, hospitals, form your own library, buy books for yourself or your children, new or used, or take them to the library, or go to the library with children. Or just leave a book on a random bench (you can even hide and observe its future fate).

2. Change the picture

Drop everything and go somewhere. At least to an unusual park or supermarket. Especially if it scares you ?. It happens that the same walls slowly begin to look like crazy house and limit the number of options in our heads. Even the journey itself, the road, is often able to calm you down: its aimlessness, on the contrary, purposefulness or meditation of it.

3. Remove or add people

What do you want more now: to be alone with yourself or to meet some new people? Listen to yourself, and listen to yourself again, with a different emphasis.

4. Do good

But not as usual, ok?) Just give someone something from the heart, even if it’s a bundle of autumn leaves or a poem sent to someone, you can do it anonymously or to a casual passerby. I used to hand out toffees on the street, it’s just a flurry of endorphins from other people’s endorphins! Or give unnecessary things to the needy.

5. Clean your space

By the way, decluttering also gives the wings, even if it’s just a look of one room with completely clean surfaces. And filling the space with inspiring things does ot’s special magic too: photos, pictures, quotes, favorite things with pleasant associations, and so on. Print and hang on the wall something important, such as a list of personal values. But no stress and self-violence, only beautiful – only hardcore.

Let’s also remember about the purity and beauty of the information space: eliminate the negative, have rest from certain topics or people, minimize the flow of information and options.

6. Digital detox

One hour before bed – blue light free – this is the minimum necessary to at least fall asleep nicely and get a good night’s sleep. It’s even better to make days or weeks, when on the contrary there is only an hour for devices. Or even there is none at all ?.

7. Move or don’t move

10-20 minutes on the mat, and a surge of energy is guaranteed. It can be sports or meditation. Walk, run, ride a bike.
Or, conversely, there is too much movement and a need to slow down: there is one useful practice – deliberately slowing down speech, movements etc to slow down the chaos in the head and external hassle.

8. Sign up for an interesting course / webinar / marathon / event

And actually attend it. Or even concentrate on looking at good photos on Instagram. The idea is to seriously shift the focus from losing it to harmless and even useful things.

9. Breathe, cry, sing, dance, draw, box, talk, have sex

Each has their own way. The idea is to express oneself through the body in order to release everything that needs to be released.
Here we will add outside help options: psychotherapists, masseurs, osteopaths, art therapy groups, choir, fitness trainers, dance classes, gatherings of friends, etc., etc., etc., the only thing, in such subtle moments of weakness, when the resource is minimal, we have to be extremely careful with the choices of who to trust.

10. Smile

Even when you don’t want to. Studies show that getting your facial muscles to smile means sending your brain a command to be happy. In addition, if you smile at someone, you can get one back, and it charges you as well ?.

Did you burnout? Then you need lighter steps.

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