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How to close the old year and start new one in seven days


A week until the new year! An immediate personal plan is needed to destroy the vestiges of the previous year and prepare for the next! The summary of the year! New Year’s resolution!

The end of the year is a great opportunity to clear, tidy up, review and draw conclusions, and the term of the week perfectly regulates time and mobilizes forces. One day for one crazy achievement.

1. Give away as many extra things as possible and clean the house

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Broken toys? Old equipment? Leaky socks? What you don’t need can be useful to someone, or at least not polluting the planet. Sort things, find a place for each, and take the junk to recycling centers.

delete key
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The less the easier. Less = better. Let the vacated space in the brain be filled with creativity and brilliant ideas. E-mail, bookmarks, notebooks, lists – clean everything and start a new innocent life.

Picking a Christmas tree: live, artificial or alternative

alternative christmas tree

People are just fanatical about cones and triangles, otherwise there is no way to explain it all. In recent years, however, alternative Christmas trees have been in trend. Which solution do you like?

4. Organize files on the computer and photos for the year

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by Dylan Gillis

If you don’t do it now, then when? Create a selection of the best photos of the year or edit a movie from them and send them to relatives and friends (this is at least some guarantee that those photos will not be lost anywhere). You can even dedicate New Year’s Eve itself to this, because it is a wonderful joint activity that will bring joy.

5. Think of a way to celebrate so that you don’t waste any food and no one is angry

new year fires
photo Ian Schnieder

Get drunk to the bone, use up all the energy and fall asleep in a salad. Is it really necessary? Maybe this year’s celebration can be a quiet craft, a board game, a delicious dessert or just a good movie by candlelight? Hold a family vote and find a healthy compromise — mental health is more expensive.

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photo Kate Williams

Let’s be honest – you won’t be able to read ALL OF IT. Set a realistic goal based on your personal reading speed and preferences. Divide this number into subgroups: study, work, native, personal growth, recreation, and leave room for books that come along the way in the new year. Then put a few books in each subgroup.

7. Results and achievements of the previous year and New Year’s resolution

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photo Green Chameleon

Even if the year was not the easiest, there was definitely something good in it. Recall what exactly, rejoice and praise yourself. If you don’t remember anything, be glad that all this is finally over and successfully leave everything in the old year. In order not to forget exactly what was good and what was achieved, keep appropriate records/diaries every day, every week or every month – it helps a lot.

For the new year, prescribe goals, including general goals for the year and sub-goals for each month and week – this is your support that will help you not lose your mind and complete something in any case.

Prepare eco-notebooks for every occasion: of course, this year you want to keep a diary of self-observation, record expenses and plan in detail. It’s not a fact that it will succeed, of course, but it’s not a sin to want, and preparations contribute to the chances. Alternatively, you can use special applications, for example, Evernote, Notion, Monify, etc.

PriNadiyi wishes you to broaden your horizons in the new year!

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