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For me, natural parenting has two meanings: naturalness itself and intuitiveness. Where one thing fails, another comes to the rescue. For example, it is quite natural for a child to lie down on his own when he does not yet know how to walk, but if he lies down like that for a long time, it naturally becomes boring, and then I intuitively take him in my arms. It is natural that the hands hurt after a while, but intuitively I understand that the child feels good in human warmth and a beautiful view of our sinful land opens up from the hands, but the hands hurt, and only here does brother reason come to the rescue and offers to make the work easier with special tools: sling. The sling holds the baby in a natural physiological position: this is how the baby lies on you when it first crawls to your chest. In a sling, the baby does not sit on the bottom, creating a load on the weak spine, but is evenly pressed against the mother’s body, slightly hanging the ass in the m-position.

Natural parenting begins with natural conception. I don’t have anything against family planning, but frankly, I don’t have anything for it either. Long live natural conception, when two people felt the urge to make love, and the process started. Naturally, you will begin to be tempted (perhaps the body is hinting that it is time to cleanse yourself of toxins and review the naturalness of what you eat), naturally you will not want to eat some foods, and some, on the contrary, you will. Perhaps you will think about childbirth with fear, but childbirth is so natural that you can only manage to be surprised how the baby has already slipped out and you intuitively picked it up in your arms. Or your husband. After all, it is quite natural for both participants of the conception to welcome the newcomer to earth.

Naturally, when the body itself chooses a position to deliver a new life, it is natural to hold the baby close and give it a chance to find the breast, and it finds them and intuitively applies them. It is natural not only to let the umbilical cord pulsate, but also to let it dry itself, this is called a lotus birth. However, if your life is threatened by a pack of wolves, I think it is natural to bite the umbilical cord and kick with your heels, grabbing the baby by the scruff of the neck. I think, if you want to eat your placenta, of course, I didn’t want to, but maybe I wanted to eat chalk, why not. Yes, some people eat their placentas.

It is natural to respond to the baby’s sounds and learn to recognize his signals. It is natural to feed her if you feel that she has not eaten for too long, it is natural to feed her when the child shows desire.
It is natural for a child to be near its mother and it is natural for a mother to watch her child. It is natural for both to learn to recognize each other.
It is natural for a child to write you down if you have not recognized their need.
It is natural for a child to develop muscles on his own, learn to hold his head, pick up objects, turn over, sit, stand and walk. It is natural to start taking extra food when she wants it, not when her brother, in-laws, or neighbor wants it.
It is natural for a child to explore the world, and not to sit in a playpen like cattle. It is natural for a child to look at the sky, not at a mobile phone. The whole Montessori school is built on the idea of slightly supporting the child in all the most natural things. It is natural for a child to learn from his mistakes. Not interfering is natural. At least intervene gently. Ecology is a vivid example of that.

If you allow nature to be, everything becomes much more harmonious.

And what is unnatural, think for yourself. Vaccination! – you happily rehearse. Indeed, vaccination is unnatural. But getting sick is very natural, just like dying from diseases. Vaccination is a trick. So think again.

The next great article is planned about the introduction of adult food, but I can’t guarantee it, because ideas about what to write about come to me naturally, sometimes quite spontaneously. Nature has its own plan.

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