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Prynadiyi: beginning

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Blog Prynadiyi: beginning

The idea of blog Prynadiyi appeared when I tried to find interesting sites or blogs about pregnancy and motherhood in Ukrainian, and wasn’t able to. I didn’t really know what to look for, so from what I was able to find – English ones looked sort of dumb (i only found kellymom for myself), and Russian ones are somewhat, you know, not to my liking (I know Russian as a result of occupation of my homeland by them). And the worst of them were those which went through googletranslate (Russian to Ukrainian), because they forced me to think for a second that there it is, something Ukrainian found (Ukrainian Internet is also kinda occupied by Russian, but here I am to change this!)

Forums are also not for me, because the information in the comments isn’t structured, it’s more difficult to filter out unnecessary information, and the comments are repeatative. It would be so nice to have something to read with your morning or afternoon coffee, something from someone with the same problems and experiences, something full of useful information and interesting stories, where everything is collected in one place, and you don’t have to rape google with the slightest question. Why not Prynadiyi blog.

I guess that all future mothers have the same issues to a certain extent. And it would be nice to meet some rather insane and non-traditional future or newly moms to share information. And if you want something, but it doesn’t exist, the rule number one is to create it yourself.

And so I do! Here not only a blog, but a completely new page of my life begins. But I don’t know about it yet)

My story

I start blog Prynadiyi, being at 5 months or 22 weeks of pregnancy, and I plan to continue it after the birth of the baby. A month ago, I quit my job to have the opportunity to eat and drink well, do sports, in short, take care of myself for a child, avoiding questions like “are you pregnant?” 20 times a day. Therefore, my social role has decreased to almost zero, and the blog Prynadiyi will give me some psychological reassurance)

Pregnancy caught me by surprise, I was not ready for it and did not know anything about it. I’ve never planned the children, and when I thought about them at least theoretically, it pretty much scared me. After all, children are a huge responsibility, and who on earth wants to hear that cowardly “I did not ask to give birth to me” or “Was I asked?” Nevertheless, I became pregnant “in divine”, despite the hormonal imbalance and birth control pills, which I was using on the advice of doctors.

Narrow-mindedness of doctors

I came to the gynecologist with a completely different question, when suddenly ultrasound showed a seven-week pregnancy. Clear enough, that for a person who did not plan it, it was a shock, but the doctor didn’t pay any attention to my eyes getting bigger of growing fear and absence of understanding, and she chirped that the baby is safe, and I am a happy mom.

My first intention was to smash her face. Every doctor should be a psychologist and watch closely the emotional state of the patient: maybe I was raped, who knows? In a state where abortion is a legitimate thing, one could think a bit wider (though there is a bill currently laying in Parlament, which aims to take that right away from a woman, but this is already another story). I am not one of those who believe that every woman should give birth, and this is her higher purpose, a woman is a bit more than an incubator.

The doctor managed to miss stress in my eyes entirely, and even left me for 10 minutes alone without even offering a glass of water or soothing drops. After coming back, she continued twittering about the pregnancy, so I had to interrupt her, reminding that I had come here with another problem, and asking whether we could descend from the paradise of motherhood and come back for a moment to that.

However, the doctor said that now, when I’m pregnant, nothing else matters (Metallica sounds on the background) and nothing can be treated, and eventually wondered if it’s possible that I’m not very happy to be pregnant. I explained to her that I do not think that people should multiply, and left the cabinet feeling the most lonely person in the world. Then I thought to, maybe, call back and apologize, because she probably got a professional shock there, but I also got a personal shock, so now we’re even. I need to improve personally, and she – professionally. 


Abortion is not an option for me. If conception occurs, regardless of contraceptives, physiological problems, etc., and the baby inside develops normally, then she must be really craving to see the world, maybe I just have to accept a change in life and review that life a bit. Moreover, considering the seriousness of my perception of such things, isn’t this pregnancy a mad chance for development, learning and growth?

Therefore: birth to be given. Prynadiyi to be written.

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