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In the wink of an eye the toys have already been destroyed, lost, given away, and the baby is suddenly 18, and he wants to know what he has been playing with when he was one year old. Or not. But I think that keeping them at least on the photos is a brilliant idea!

I chose the toys meticulously and lovingly, considering the material to be eco-friendly and durable. I also planned their functionality for years.

Toys started appearing around us starting from age of 4 months, and below I will present everything we have been playing since then (baby is 2 in 2 months). Almost everything, because, of course, basic entertainment, with household things, remains behind the scenes. I deeply envy people who have enough of imagination and are capable of handmade and make toys themselves – I am not one of them, so this post is for those like me and even lazier, or for those who are looking for a gift.

1️⃣ Pyramids.

2️⃣ Knock tables.

3️⃣ Push and pull toys.

4️⃣ Sorter and push&pull in one.

5️⃣ Montessori Rainbow.

6️⃣ Xylophone.

7️⃣ Building blocks.

8️⃣ Track.

9️⃣ Kitchen.

? Dzyga.

And here’s another cheap and warmly loved toy.

And, of course, the balls. Tennis, football, soft and hard ones.

And, of course, cars. There are also plastic ones made of high quality plastic. But most are metal.

And some finger animals:

And this is the god of toys – Mr. Cart.

And the most beloved toy is a car with which the baby is practically inseparable, you can ride it with a help of legs. Photo cannot be taken for the above mentioned reasons ?.

In the bathroom we have ducks, buckets, fish and light balls.

We used to have a nice toy box, but it was infrequently filled with toys. Now the baby space is organized in Montessori style, like this:

And it works. Every two weeks we have rotation of toys, and their change is always perceived with joy.

In addition, there are simple colorful and carefree magnets on the refrigerator, and the kid likes to hang there. And I decorated the bathroom with phosphorus stars; the kid pushes the chairs to the wall, climbs on it, turns the light on and off, goes inside and stares at the dawn as if he made them.

I wrote about the history of toys here.

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