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motherhood reflections

Yes, it is difficult, especially by yourself.
It is difficult when the baby is rehearsing and you are not able to find the reasons. And when he does not let go to the toilet, let alone shower or eat. Hard when he gets sick. It is physically difficult to pull a ladder loaded with groceries while carrying 11 kg of baby. From the outside, it looks like it’s light, like a feather, it’s so easy – Mom is carrying a baby.
It is difficult when the environment puts pressure on the brain for their vision of child-rearing and care. At least the socks were put on, and the hat, except that you can carry the baby like that, and the spine, the poor baby, for mom. Mom is always to blame, and it is better for her to have the right look: downcast upset eyes. She does everything wrong, she interferes with everything with her cart, noise, disheveled look (mom must look at all 100, stay at home all day, do nothing, it’s hard to go to the shower?) . Mom is a universal evil that destroys fate. Normal children of normal mothers do not rehearse, they have a hair attached, clean trousers and a neatly tightened tie.
It is sometimes difficult to hold back without being told (as the tramman worried that my baby was ‘blowing’ because the window was open ‘hurting’, and I was barely holding out to let him know that excessive burns were hurting much more).
It’s hard to live in my area, where you can wake up in the middle of the night from a three-story throat or someone breaking your door. Or it is difficult to walk with the child in eternal fear that she will be hit by broken glass or stuff a cigarette goblet into her mouth, not to mention other dangers.
It is difficult when you have to do the ‘necessary evil’, such as vaccinations, but it is a chance to learn many things, every time I know the adrenaline rush of that necessity, but every now and then it is easier and easier for a kid to study. It’s hard to make many small decisions about one’s fate.
It’s hard to be a mom, and I know it’s going to get harder and it’s ok, besides –

how easy it is to be useful and useful every moment! how easy it is to be present!

One mom, when asked about my baby’s age (1.4), commented: “Well, you still need him, my cool is asking me if I’m going out of the house for a long time and the longer the better.” Ehh, it’s not going to be so it’s so important to rejoice now, immediately!
How easy it is in the shower, when the baby smiles or tits, or sleeps comfortably, or runs for a hug when you reach out to him. How joyful and easy! But –

Dear audience, who is unlikely to read this (because who, besides mothers and single dads, reads parenting blogs): the only thing you can say to a mother about her baby is ‘you are a good mother’. I was once told that thank you, even once enough to remember it every time you get hurt by other comments. A child is unlikely to ever tell you this, because the mother (for those who have one) is self-evident, nature itself. They don’t thank for that, they don’t appreciate it, it just looks like a part of the body or the sky above their heads.

You, who are reading this, breathe out – you are a good mom. At least we have motherly solidarity (sometimes there is a hustle and bustle, but, well, you know that look, full of understanding?) All will be well.

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