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Not sure what about you, but my pregnancy and parenting have caused many questions. No, not only whether it will hurt and the pain can be avoided, but how not to kill the husband, what movie to watch, not to stress, what to eat, where to buy clothes, when you don’t fit into anything, how to quit smoking, how to do weekly photo of the belly, if the lighting is constantly changing, what exercises can be done, what to apply on the face etc. We will definitely find the answer to all these questions here. But still the first question is a hysterical WHAT TO READ to find out what awaits me and how to react to it.

Well, I digged here and there, random gibberish, everything’s as usual. Give me a specific list, what to read and why. None. Well, ok, I’ll make it myself, I’ll read it and write reviews, no prob. The list is based on the recommendations of Ukrainian mothers and focuses on our mentality. Something tells me that most of these books have long been obsolete, so maybe don’t rush to read, and I’ll give you valuable excerpts in the following posts.
All sorts of Montessori, etc. will join the list, but later, maybe it will be a completely different list.

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Top 10 books on natural childbirth, motherhood and parenting

Top 25 books on pregnancy and parenthood as per Ukrainian parenting forums

  1. Grantly Dick-Read – Childbirth without Fear
  2. William and Martha Sears – The Baby Book
  3. B. Nikitin, L. Nikitina – Water and Childbirth
  4. Michel Odent – Birth Reborn
  5. Pamela Druckerman – Bringing up bebe
  6. William and Martha Sears – The Birth Book
  7. Tatiana Aptulaeva – I will soon become a mother
  8. Mae-Lin Hopgood – How Eskimos keep their children warm
  9. Nigel Latta – Sinology. Mothers raising sons
  10. Robert Mendelssohn – How to raise a child healthy, despite the doctors
  11. Regina Leeds – Complete order for expectant mothers
  12. Ingrid Bauer – Life without a diaper!
  13. Nigel Latta – Before your child drives you crazy
  14. Faber Mazlysch – Perfect parents in 60 minutes
  15. Z. Gorodenchuk, T. Lekhnovska, O. Struk – Learning to give birth (Svichado)
  16. Zoreslava Horodenchuk, Olga Shlemkevich – Learning to breastfeed (Svichado)
  17. Frederick LeBouer – Childbirth without pain and fear
  18. Frederick LeBouer – For a birth without violence
  19. Alla Kirzhaeva – Mother’s revelation about childbirth, and not only about them
  20. Svetlana Bondar – Birth in the space of love
  21. Chris Griscom – Childbirth as a spiritual revelation
  22. Jean Ledloff – Continuum theory
  23. Glenn Doman – Harmonious development of the child
  24. Janusz Korczak – How to love a child
  25. Benjamin Spock – Child and her care.

I would say that this is a list of the most recommended reading by people (not me) for expectant mothers, but I really want to emphasize that none of them are the essence of truth, no matter how convincing its author sounds. Synthesis of information and conclusions should be made exclusively in a mother’s head, and there is no universal advice.

P.S. The top 25 list was random, this is not a publicity stunt, and the order of the books in the list is random)

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