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I often hear the parents’ complaints that there is not so much of Ukrainian-language content, and once you find and switch it on, it automatically switches to Russian in one of the next videos. What can be done?

Having shuffled my YouTube in search of quality Ukrainian content for kids, I have created a list of channels that my baby can watch. The baby is only 1.10, so we are not watching videos yet, because there is an information that watching videos up to 2 is harmful for baby’s brain development. But soon we will probably have a bit of a screen-time , so it’s important to select adequate content for the young citizen in orderfor him to grow up with common sense and stable mind.

Here is my choice:

Not much, huh? If I’ve missed anything, please intervene and I will be happy to complete the list. ? And do not forget to create quality Ukrainian content with your own hands. Cause who will if not us.

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