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Here are some books we own and most of the best books for a baby you can find on today’s Ukrainian market, either originals or translated ones. I did my research ?.

1. Our earliest books came to us as a gift. These were the 2 black and white “harmonies” from the collection “Contrast Book for the Newborn” by Ranok Publishing House.
Such books may be offered from birth, and they can be interesting for up to half a year. You can put them in front of the baby or hang them, depending on their favorite poses and your own imagination.

The baby will not see all the colors until 5 months of age, in the first weeks they recognize only black, white and gray, after a few weeks more they will see red, then green, and then a little blue and yellow. These books develop vision and light / color perception of the child, contrasting sensuality, expand the field of view, teach to concentrate. Thin cardboard, medium size.

2. The following book came to us from same mysterious person. This is an any-age-book about The Very Hungry Caterpillar written by Eric Carl and published by Chitararium. It is believed that it’s suitable for children from 2, but in our case it was good both for 1,5 and 30. Bur mainly it’s good for learning how to count. Rough cardboard, medium size.

3. Our magic fairy did not stop there, and presented to Newcomer two more wonderful books from Osnovy Publishing House written by Herve TulletThe Finger Sports Game and The Game of Shapes. These books are also recommended from 2, but are completely up to one year old. Thin cardboard.

4. But above all my baby preferred the interactive cloth book, which became one of our most favorite toys of all times. Such books are not cheap because they are made by hands, but definitely worth it, as they are extremely interesting to little ones! You can do it yourself though.

5. However, that unrestrained person didn’t calm down, and among other things, presented an exclamation book from Ranok Publishing House. I’m not a fan of either Disney or even Winnie the Pooh, but the baby loved it. Small, thin cardboard.

The gifts were over, and it was time to really think about the future. After previous rustles in bookstores, around the internet and among acquaintances, our arsenal has expanded:

6. One love: Vasiliy Fedienko’s books from Shkola Publishing House. I officially declare that there is no better book for a baby on Ukrainian market today. These are proper solid pages with moving details on a variety of topics (a collection of 10 books), made with taste and loved by kids. We currently have 6 of them. I recommend. Medium size.

There are other wonderful books of the same author – Half-Animals, but for some reason it seems to me that my baby will not really like them, so I’m not buying them so far.

7. Wimmelbuch. They are many different and are designed for different ages. Wimmelbuch is a multitude of details that can be viewed and commented endlessly. We chose this one, the Abrykos Publishing House (coarse cardboard, large size) as our first.

8. Marta Galevska-Kustra and Chas Maystriv Publishing House recently rejoiced at the youngest book for kids to learn to talk – Bodyo Learns to Speak (sound games for the smallest). I believe that illustrations at this age are crucial, and there are just a few of such a nice illustrations on the market. Thin cardboard, moderately large.

9. Colorful Things and Counter by Bogdan Publishing House are intended to be the first conversations about colors and numbers, respectively. Nice design, rugged cardboard, medium size.

Tricky books from Knyholav Publishing HouseIt’s a Pelican and It’s a Crocodile are a great idea and a ground for gaming. Thin cardboard, medium size.

Who lives where is convenient for little bilinguals (Ukrainian / English) half-book from MaminoQuickly Home. Thin cardboard, small size.

And here comes my verdict: this is not enough) A child up to three needs to have a simple, colorful, aesthetic, interactive, interesting to touch, super hard pages books. The choice is very large, but everything is not that. There are plenty of good books that are not planned to be republished, Unfortunately, they are nowhere to be found, even used. Please republish good books.

After all that I went to search for babies’ first fairy tales and poems, and – nothing satisfied my request. I’ve only found one book of poetry which was aesthetic in all meanings – Lviv Poems by Nataliya Trokhym and her young publishing house Dzhezva. Big thanks, honor, praise and endless recommendations to everyone – ️Level – God!

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