Strong movies about women


Films about women that inspire, disclose the topic of women, give food for thought. So different, so complex, so beautiful. So strong together.

Real stories of real women

Movies that will leave a good aftertaste.

Frida (2002), directed by Julie Taymore, USA

For me, this film means, first of all, visual aesthetic pleasure, Mexican flavor, something that Frida Kahlo is actually a product of. In addition, this is a powerful story of personal development of a strong woman who decided to live to the last cell, despite anything. And only thirdly, it is a love story of two authentic artists with all the ups and downs. One of the most successful choices of the actress – Salma Hayek seems to have been born for this role.

Erin Brockovich (2000), directed by Steven Sodeberg, USA

The mom-can-do-it-all movie starring Julia Roberts. About the power of one person to influence the global state of affairs.

La vie en rose (2007), directed by Olivier Daan, France

As a child, I was very impressed by the biography of Edith Piaf, who was actually raised by a community of prostitutes, where the point is not that they were prostitutes, but in the strength of the female community. A cool film with yet again a cool choice of the main actress – Marion Cotillard did a flawless job.

Temple Grandin (2010), directed by Mick Jackson, USA

A woman with an autistic disorder who revolutionized the treatment of animals in the agricultural industry. From a misunderstood child to a pioneering scientist and animal advocate with a unique perspective.

Exciting stories of women who made it

There is more than just a Million Dollar Baby out there.

Miss Sloane (2016), directed by John Madden, USA

A political thriller about a breakthrough American lobbyist who makes a difference, overcoming gender stereotypes along the way.

The Dressmaker (2015), directed by Jesselyn Moorhouse, Australia

Black comedy-drama of the 50s era about a woman who returns to her homeland to close gestalts and expand people’s worldview. Kate Winslet.

Victor/Victoria (1982), directed by Blake Edwards, USA

I always say that comedy is the most difficult genre, so I mostly can’t watch it. This one is good. It’s a really cool story about choice, ingenuity, identity, sexuality, gender, social status, and so on and so forth.

Rust and bone (2012), directed by Jacques Audiard, France

A romantic drama about loss, the will to live and the power of human connection. And once again the wonderful Marion Cotillard.

Tragedy, relationships, society, violence, incredible aesthetics

Even more psychologism and aesthetics. Careful, it gets hotter.

Cadences obstinées (2013), directed by Fanny Ardan, France

In my opinion, an underrated film by a French woman who is better known as an actress. The main character is a completely wild and beautiful Italian Asia Argento. If you love cellos and wild women as much as I do, this is for you.

Malena (2000), directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, Italy

Few stories have made me cry so many tears. For me, this story is primarily about how cruel or beautiful people can be depending on their choices. About the misfortune of beauty, about dignity, about complexity. Monica Bellucci and the second world war.

The beautiful person (2008), directed by Christophe Honoré, France

And this is my favorite film for reflecting on love in all its beauty and complexity.

Where do we go now (2011), directed by Nadine Labaki, Lebanon

The best Arabic movie I’ve seen. About the power of ingenuity and the community of women resorting to tricks to save the world from emm… men.

I’ve loved you so long (2008), directed by Philippe Claudel, France

A woman reintegrates into society after 15 years in prison. Difficult, emotional. The beautiful Christine Scott Thomas.

“Three Colors”, 1993-1994, Keslowski, France, Poland, Switzerland

The Three Colors trilogy, directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski, explores the themes of freedom, equality and fraternity represented by the colors of the French flag. Each film in the trilogy is a separate story, but they are connected thematically.

Three Colors: Blue follows a woman who experiences the loss of her husband and child in a car accident, Three Colors: White tells the story of a man who seeks revenge on his ex-wife after a divorce, and Three Colors: Red centers around a model, who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a retired judge. An in-depth exploration of human relationships, identity, and relationships.

Mommy (2014), directed by Xavier Dolan, France

A single mother, a widow, is working on a relationship with her “difficult child”. Drama, complexity, emotions, everything is guaranteed.

Pieta (2012), directed by Kim Ki-duk, South Korea

“Pieta” tells the story of a ruthless usurer who mutilates debtors in order to collect insurance money. His life takes a dramatic turn when a mysterious woman claiming to be his long-lost mother appears and begs for forgiveness for abandoning him as a child. An impressive film, like most of this director’s works.

Lust, Caution (2007), directed by Ang Lee, China

A woman finds herself in a World War II spy story and has to learn to navigate the world of politics and her own emotions. Such a length of the film is rarely justified, but here it is.

A woman lost in society

Sometimes you have to run away, pretend, sublimate.

Tomboy (2011), directed by Celine Sciamma, France

A girl pretends to be a boy. Gender identity, fears, acceptance, complexity. Top 30 LGBT films.

Desert Flower (2009), directed by Sherry Hormann, Germany

The true story of a girl who escaped from Somalia at the age of 13 and became one of the most popular models in the world and the first woman to publicly condemn the practice of female circumcision.

The Piano Teacher (2001), directed by Michael Haneke, France

The film is based on the novel of the same name by the beloved Elfriede Jelinek about a woman who, in adulthood, tries to escape from the oppression of her own mother. Beware, sado-masochist.

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