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So, Newcomer is 2.5, and I decided to update the review of our toys.

In fact, as planned, most of the old toys are still in active use. The Montessori toy organization system works perfectly, and the child does not get bored with toys. I also started teaching Newcomer that every toy has a place, and after playing he has to put it back. On the advice of Simone Davies, I just lightly tap the empty shelf with my palm, as a hint of where that place is. It works.

The child’s three fresh interests are reflected in the first three points – Newcomer liked the idea of ​​puzzles, screwing, and role-playing games.

1️⃣ Puzzles

2️⃣ Animals-screwdrivers

3️⃣ Models of animals

4️⃣ Balancer

5️⃣ Eternal old toys

6️⃣ Train

7️⃣ Garage

8️⃣ Piano

9️⃣ Scooter

? Dreams

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