Article 1: the idea of the blog.

Article 2: 30 books for moms to be.

Article 3: smoking during pregnancy and why the judgement kills more.

Article 4: what to eat during pregnancy if you’ve never eatten before.

Article 5: movies to watch during pregnancy.

Article 6: exercising during pregnancy.

Article 7: Learning to Give Birth by Z.Gorodenchuk, T.Lekhnovska, O.Struk.

Article 8: what to do with yourself during pregnancy.

Article 9: Childbirth without Fear by Grantly Dick-Read in short.

Article 10: the history of midwifery or why i don’t tolerate mixing of science with religion.

Article 11: an emergency labour.

Article 12: Birth Reborn by Michael Odent.

Article 13: itching during pregnancy.

Article 14: sling for beginners.

Article 15: corruption in the hospitals or what is the price of childbirth in a free-medicine-country.

Article 16: my special superfood list for pregnant women.

Article 17: French Kids Don’t Throw Food by Pamela Druckerman.

Article 18: waterbirth.

Article 19: everything that i didn’t know about pregnancy.

Article 20: our childbirth story.

Article 21: supplementation – yes or no.

Article 22: to be ready or transition hospital-home.

Article 23: the plan of labour (template).

Article 24: our first month of life.

Article 25: why sometimes i want not to write, but hide under the table.

Article 26: breastfeeding clothes.

Article 27: wisdom.

Article 28: our first experience of baby-carrying.

Article 29: 2nd month of life self-realization and reflexes.

Article 30: why we can’t manage to give a birth naturally.

Article 31: sadness due to the way we speak.

Article 32: breastfeeding for beginners.

Article 33: Diaper Free by Ingrid Bauer.

Article 34: taiming the sky with a 3,5 months baby.

Article 35: or 3d and 4th months of life.

Article 36: Continuum Theory by Jean Liedloff

Article 37: just or autumn in the blog.

Article 38: how vaccination killed 300 spartans.

Article 39: sleep (first months).

Article 40: craniocerebral traumas.

Article 41: a child as a porcelain.

Article 42: natural parenting.

Article 43: solids introduction.

Article 44: the history of upbringing.

Article 45: puscifier.

Article 46: How To Love A Child by Janusz Korczak.

Article 47: diaper-free (our experience).

Article 48: kids who want to be kids.

Article 49: breastfeeding in public.

Article 50: lactostasis

Article 51: pediatric terrorism.

Article 52: how to reduce stress of injection.

Article 53: baby led weaning.

Article 54: infant formula.

Article 55: growth spurts.

Article 56: Kiss Me by Carlos Gonzalez

Article 57: right for pain.

Article 58: how we were doing meanwhile.

Article 59: how to save the teeth from a dentist.

Article 60: influenza.

Article 61: how to survive staying home alone with a baby.

Article 62: zero waste.

Article 63: fertility awareness.

Article 64: diastasis recti.

Article 65: an affection.

Article 66: hygge.

Article 67: toys.

Article 68: Brain Rules for Baby by John Medina.

Article 69: mom social and summer school.

Article 70: postpartum recovery: nutrition.

Article 71: the future of Ukraine.

Article 72: childbirth and babies in arab style.

Article 73: woman’s hormonal health and nutrition.

Article 74: postpartum recovery and belly wrapping.

Article 75: evil tongues.

Article 76: benefits and harm of fats.

Article 77: hawaiian conference.

Article 78: “Playing Together” by Alla Slotvinska

Article 79: our first books (0 to 3).

Article 80: toys till two.

Article 81: quality Ukrainian youtube for kids.

Article 82: an adequate self-motivation.

Article 83: the summary of two years.

Article 84: top 10 books on natural childbirth, motherhood and parenting.

Article 85: baby bathing.

Article 86: tantrum or not-so-terrible-twos.

Article 87: time-in and time-out.

Article 88: survival in pandemic times.

Article 89: no-drama discipline or ‘enough of tantrums’.

Article 90: the acceptance of what can’t be changed.

Article 92: lazy activities with a toddler.

Article 93: motherhood, fatherhood, parenthood.

Article 95: 7 most famous pediatritians on a child’s side.

To be continued.
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