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Article 81: quality Ukrainian youtube for kids.

I often hear the parents’ complaints that there is not so much of Ukrainian-language content, and once you find and switch it on, it automatically switches to Russian in one of the next videos. What can be done?

  • create Ukrainian-language content (this is my favorite point and I strongly urge you to do so, because it is almost a free niche, and the request is there, not to mention an urgent need)
  • watch the video with the baby, controlling the situation (and don’t tell me the kids want Russian, maybe they want something NOT YET translated, but not necesserily from Russian)
  • make a playlist of channels to watch and run videos from them, not from YouTube search
  • install the Video Blocker app to block all Russian-language and other nasty channels

Having shuffled my YouTube in search of quality Ukrainian content for kids, I have created a list of channels that my baby can watch. The baby is only 1.10, so we are not watching videos yet, because there is an information that watching videos up to 2 is harmful for baby’s brain development. But soon we will probably have a bit of a screen-time , so it’s important to select adequate content for the young citizen in orderfor him to grow up with common sense and stable mind.

Here is my choice:

  • Ukranimaua – here are almost all of my favorite cartoons, Ukrainian in every sense, true to the heartache.
  • KidStory – Animated Children’s Books – is clearly the start of something great, a great idea and execution.
  • Primus Animation – cool educational plasticine cartoons.
  • Knyha-mandrivka. Ukrayina – is not exactly for kids, but iy’s a great animation and a nice way introduction of Ukraine.
  • Kayu Ukrayinskyi is a translation of the French-Canadian cartoon series loved by many Ukrainian mothers and children. Not really up to my taste, not sure I’ll offer it to my child, but – worth mentioning. Below are the same, not quite my cup of tea, but worth mentioning.
  • Yanko Hortalo – poems, songs, cartoons and more; interesting stuff can be found.
  • Telekanal PLUSPLUS also has different stuff, and you can find something interesting.
  • Pershosvit – animations for kids.

Not much, huh? If I’ve missed anything, please intervene and I will be happy to complete the list. ? And do not forget to create quality Ukrainian content with your own hands. Cause who will if not us.

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