Article 92: lazy activities with a toddler.

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Sometimes I hear the expression ‘to take care of a child’, and I quietly ‘wow’ inside – firstly, who knows what exactly is meant, secondly, someone has so much time and inspiration ?, thirdly, there is something rude in it, like a child is an inanimate object.

Newcomer and I simply live together and share the joys of life, because, in fact, I have very few choices – I’m barely suitable for playing, and even less for serious activities. The only problem that I observe is the periodic need (and at the same time the impossibility) to be alone, to do something myself, to stop controlling what the baby is doing out there for at least a minute, that’s right, it’s tiring. But to sit and play and invent crafts – is not my thing at all, I only can jump around the house, roll over, fool around, play chasing each other etc), which, by the way, is a great way for both to get rid of negative emotions. At the same time, it seems to me that there are a lot of parents who try so hard to entertain and teach something that they simply get tired, meanwhile the child asks for a little freedom, attention, support and the right to participate.

So, how to stop stressing and start living with a child in the same house.

1. Allow a child to participate in usual family routines:

▪️ shower or bath – together, or a baby bathes and a mom does a manicure; an inflatable pool is also a good thing.

▪️ cooking – beat eggs for an omellette, mix, pour into a pan; press the blender buttons; cut with a plastic knife; we make cheesecakes and dumplings together; a baby loves to deal with the refrigerator, bring what’s asked from there, open yogurt, pour milk, etc.; a kid can really do a lot in the kitchen, the only thing you need is imagination.

▪️ sport:

– yoga (it takes time for a baby to get used to what you are doing, but it is possible; some exercises can be done together, some a baby can do next to you, on their own mat; at some points they will breastfeed, unavoidable ?)

– walk together (chasing a ball, carrying a baby in a car with a handle or in a stroller, a baby on a scooter, mom on rollers, etc.)

– swedish wall, Pickler’s slide, balancing board, tunnel, mountain of pillows to get through, etc.

– baby ride on the floor on a blanket (great cardio for mom)

▪️ washing (put clothes in the washing machine, take out washed clothes, hang it, sort it once dry)

▪️ cleaning (wipe surfaces, sweep, vacuum, wash windows and even a little floor, clean up after a meal, add flowers, unload cabinets and at change into mysterious creatures using the moment)

2. Self-care –

get dressed, put the shoes on, take and put clothes and shoes in place, wash hands, brush hair, brush teeth, wipe the mouth during and after food, take out and wash the toilet.

3. Art therapy:

– drawing (random doodles, each on their own sheet)
– painting with homemade paints in the bathroom (liquid soap mixed with cornstarch and food coloring)
– kinetic sand and orbееz (anti-stress for mom, and treasure island for baby; orbez, by the way, can also be made with starch and food coloring)
– music and dancing (also anti-stress and great pastime; real and toy musical instruments, musical toys, real music and a variety of dances)

4. Reading –

yes, infrequently, and yet sometimes we manage to read each their own book.

5. Shopping –

let the kid preside in this campaign, he can take from the shelves and put in the basket, guess what else to buy etc.

6. Home picnic, coffee, tea –

a great opportunity to train manners and another way to relax a bit.

And of course –

7. Shared daytime sleep –

holy of holies of regeneration (not counting water). Here you can lie down, relax, surf the net, socialize, watch movies, read books, work, write blogs and so on and so forth.

For reaching the adult heights we use a pretty safe Ikea chair, but there are also special steps or learning towers available on the market.

Also, the kid takes off my socks and gives me massage ?.

What else

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